Omnichannel commerce

All your sales in one simple place

Connect all your channels and grow your sales with Shoplo Omnichannel

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Synchronize your inventory

Enough with manual stock updating across sales channels! Connect all your stores and let Omnisale update your stock after every sale or change. Across all your channels, without you even lifting a finger.

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All under one roof

finally you can manage all your inventory, customers, orders and sales in one place. No need to log in and out to every channel. Because, in the end, it’s the overall effect that matters, right?

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Discover new markets

Discover new markets with demand for your products. Sell to customers all over the world.

Get some great tips on how to improve your listings and optimise sales. Find new sales channels to grow your business.

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Multiple accounts

Got different stores for various countries? Or maybe separate platforms for customers and retailers? Now, you can manage them as one with one central inventory. Finally…

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