How to write product descriptions

Agnieszka Lekszycka
Agnieszka Lekszycka
How to write product descriptions

[sc name="50 ways"]There are many reasons why product descriptions are as important as the pictures you use in your store. First of all, if they are well written, it is more likely that your website is displayed higher in Google's search results. Secondly, if your description is informative enough, it will encourage customers to buy your products and they will not need to visit other sites. Copying wholesalers' or producers' description is not a good idea, since Google “does not like” such content duplication. Writing a unique product description makes your website display higher in search results, which in turn leads to increase in the number of prospective customers. This is also a good way to stand out from all the stores selling the same products.

  • Remember to put a full name of a product. Then, people will be more likely to discover your site in search engines.Even if it is obvious what it is that your store sells, do not forget to state it in the names and descriptions.
  • People do not tend to read the descriptions very carefully. They skim through them instead, so the first two sentences are crucial.
  • While writing product descriptions, bear in mind who you are writing to, what kind of customers visit your site, what language do they use and what can they expect.
  • A description should not be limited to one sentence only, but it also cannot be too long, which simply bores people and discourages them from reading it. Avoid texts longer than 75 words and try to abbreviate them whenever possible.A detailed technical specification should be placed under a proper product description.
  • Presenting one significant advantage for a customer is a good idea but do not overdo it – customers expect a reliable description, not advertising slogans.

Although writing product descriptions does not seem like a fascinating thing to do, if it is done competently, it will result in sales increase. Do you know any good examples of products descriptions? Please, share them in comments!

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