8 Tips To Start Selling On DaWanda

Phil Forbes
Phil Forbes
8 Tips To Start Selling On DaWanda

Start Selling on DaWanda

Beginning in Germany, it didn’t take long for Dawanda to gain traction internationally.With 56% traffic being German, 14% Polish and approx. 4% being from France, Austria and Spain, it’s easy to see how Dawanda really is an international craft marketplace.In the last few years, more and more British sellers have had an audience there and even some American sellers.

DaWanda is the go-to European craft marketplace. 

As mentioned earlier, Etsy and DaWanda have a lot in common. A quick browse of any category and you can see the similarities and differences between the two. That being said, DaWanda has a much higher standard of listings.

The buyer buys directly from the seller and after the transaction, the seller pays a 5% selling fee and a listing fee of less than 30 cents. Pretty standard business model, not unlike Etsy. In fact, the handmade community is often discussing DaWanda vs Etsy. A lot of sellers diversify their audience by also selling on DaWanda

Can you handle that? Let's continue!

1 - Product photos mean much more on Dawanda

You hear it again and again, the importance of photography when selling online.Product photography is next-level on DaWanda.No clothes on coat hangers, no blurry cell-phone photos. Just natural models and complimentary textures everywhere. Top shelf product photography.

Your product photos must be worthy of being in an Ikea catalogue.  

Great photos regularly get pinned and seen by more people. Invest some time and money in getting your product photos looking absolutely perfect. DaWanda review a lot of listings and sometimes feature well-designed stores on their home page.DaWanda themselves have a fantastic help page on how to take professional product photos. Bookmark it, read it, do it and make photo quality your strong suit.

2 - 5.47cm is 2.15 inches

On paper, the US, Liberia and Myanmar are the only countries that use the Imperial system. However, a lot of Europeans still prefer measurements the ‘older’ way.Listing products in both imperial and metric give you the ability to cater to more people.

3 - Languages

What do you mean you don’t speak German, Polish and French? Pourquoi vous ne? Powinieneś się nauczyć! Jetzt!Europe is a melting pot of languages and culture. To get the most out of it, it's imperative that you make your products available in more than just English.When listing an item on Dawanda, you are given the option of listing in different languages.

To do so, you need to provide a translation ofthe entire product listing in that language.The more languages your product is translated into, the more likely you will be to make a sale.Google Translate is an adequate solution, but anyone who has relied on Google Translate knows how inconsistent it is. Play it safe and find a friend that can speak the language or even pay a translator (possibly with free gifts).Keep in mind that buyers will ask you questions in their native tongue so offering effective and accurate customer service is important.ProTip: When it comes to international postage, consider options other than your national postal service, too.

4 - Make it personal.

Buyers relate to a personal and unique message more than they do a salesy advertisement.Create a storefront that people can remember but also relate to.Design a logo and make your colours, the tone of voice and designs consistent with each product listing as well as your shop window and banner.

Unique, consistent and memorable branding from Very and very.

Don't forget to mention your story. Tell your customers what got you started and how you got to where you are now. What drives you to do what you do.People want to buy your story when they buy your product, so sell it to them.

5 - Go Multichannel

Chances are that DaWanda isn't the first marketplace that you're selling on. Being in more places at once is obviously a great way to be seen by more people.The problem is though, it's easy to lose track of sales and mix up products, addresses when dealing with multiple sales channels.

6 - Use and contribute to the community.

The DaWanda forum is a wealth of information for sellers of any level. A close-knit community, sellers are there to support each other with just about any questions that may arise.

Plenty of help for everyone!

If you've got questions, chances are it's been asked before. Rely heavily on the forums, as all the advice comes from people who have learnt it and done it themselves.

7 - Pinboards.

A pinboard is a public or private collection of productsthat a buyer or seller likes. You can make a collection of striped things that you like or minimalistic home decor. Throw together a pinboard of birthday gift ideas for loved ones or even yourself.As a seller, pinboards can be a great way to be seen and make your way to the front page of DaWanda. Build a public Pinboard that includes your product and other products that compliment your own. Get creative, as it can boost your visibility!

8 - Know your niche

Like most marketplaces, you may come to see that you’re hot in one part of the world and not so hot in another part.It’s time to evolve!If your wedding invitations are selling well in Germany, focus on that. Take yourself away from Spain if it isn’t working and divert that energy into going harder where it is working.Not hot at all? Perhaps you’re offering too much.Instead of being a jack-of-all-trades selling bracelets and bags and glassware,focus on one product. Master that one product and find people that want it. Be the best in a single field and then start expanding.Think that you'retoo niche? DaWanda has a category dedicated to toilet roll covers. Checkmate.If you're serious about moving into the DaWanda world, here's the main things you need to remember.

  • Does your product comply with the DaWanda guidelines? No political material, toys must meet EU standards.
  • You.  People want to buy from a person, from you. Fill out your personal profile and use a picture. Of you.
  • High-quality photos.  Descriptive, detailed, high-resolution, clear and concise. Use models for any clothing.
  • Are all your products organised into the most appropriate categories?
  • Branding - Check the shop window and banner and make sure your buyers remember your brand.
  • Are your listings confusing or overwhelming? Take a 'less is more', minimalist approach to your listings.

With these new tips in mind, go to Dawanda and start your adventure!It is a completely unique marketplace with products of the absolutely highest quality that you can possibly buy. Sink your teeth into it!

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