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On your daily commute, playing golf, waiting in line…

If a customer can visit your store on their mobile device, why can’t you manage your store while you’re on the go, too?

We’re making it easier for you to manage your store while you’re out living life.

That’s why we’ve released the Shoplo mobile app.

Shoplo Mobile App Dashboard

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Now, you can focus on your sales while out in the real world, on iPhone, iPad or Android.

We’ve listened to your requests and are making it easier for you to sell online – desktop, mobile or tablet.

Quite often, a nice little discount is all that’s needed to get a new customer to buy from you. Now, you can turn your discount on and share it instantly to social media from the cosiest corner of your favourite cafe.

But it’s more than just mobile discounts that you can do with the new Shoplo Mobile App.

Now you can also:

  • Manage, toggle and share discount codes while you’re on the go.
  • Process, manage and change payment statuses of your orders.
  • Compare and monitor the performance of all connected sales channels

Here’s how these features will improve your everyday life.

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Vouchers & discounts on Mobile.

Whether it’s a last minute gift for a forgotten aunt or a justification for a present to yourself, discounts are a huge part of online selling.

Now, the Shoplo mobile app will gift you with the ability to activate, modify and share your discount codes from the convenience of your mobile device.

Shoplo Mobile App discounts

When you’re out and about, living your life, use the Shoplo Mobile App to keep track of how many people are using which discount codes.

Noticed that your Instagram code is converting customers better than normal? Use the Shoplo Mobile App to extend the discount from wherever you are in a crazy, jam-packed shopping mall.

Perhaps you’re on the road, going to visit family for the weekend. Instead of having to pull out your laptop, simply open the mobile app and see your discount code.

Use the built-in share function to automatically share your new code amongst whichever social media channels you like.

explore discounts in the shoplo app

Process & manage orders on the go.

Managing your store on the go means you’re no longer tied to a desk to fulfil your orders. Now with the Shoplo Mobile App, you can get order information, payment statuses and delivery addresses all from your back pocket – or wherever you normally keep your phone.

Let’s say you’re heading out the door on the way to a workout in your fancy gym leggings. While looking for your keys, you get a notification that you’ve made a new sale in your store.

Once you’ve found your keys, you can get your product and head to the post office and fulfil the order. The order details and postage address is all there for you in the Shoplo Mobile App.

You can even update the status of your order and inform your customer that their package is on the way – all while doing your warm up on the treadmill.

Shoplo Mobile App orders

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Download the app today!

Interested in trying the Shoplo mobile app? Just click the link below and download it to your mobile.


Start selling and managing your store wherever you are. Download today!

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