Privacy Policy


The security and privacy of Customers’ personal data is crucial, especially in the ecommerce industry. We put a lot of emphasis on this topic here at Shoplo. Below you can find extensive amounts of information and rules that we follow to make sure that using our platform is not only user friendly but also safe and straightforward.

If you have any questions or doubts, we invite you to contact our Data Protection Inspector at: [email protected]

We will answer all of your questions.


Shoplo sp. z o.o., located in Warsaw, Poland (00-189), Inflancka 4C, registered in, The Register of Entrepreneurs (KRS) at 417586, with the business tax ID number (NIP) 5213630420.

Shoplo will be the administrator of your personal data.

Note that you are responsible for processing your customer’s personal data. In terms of your Customer data we are only the processor (operator). According to the agreement that you’ve signed with Shoplo, you entrust us with this data when you sign up to use our platform.

Regardless of whether we process your data or the data of your Customers, we work to only the highest of industry security standards.


By signing up for a trial account, you provide us only with your email address. This data is necessary for providing you with our service. We ask you to complement your email address with other personal data, such as (but not limited to): first and last name (company name), contact details. We need this data to be able to contact you. We also process your payment details and your IP address.


The main basis of processing your personal data is the agreement that you enter into with us by signing up to Shoplo with a test account. If you do not give us your data, you cannot proceed with registration and as a result there will be no agreement settled.

If you have agreed to the processing of your data, we will also update you with the news about Shoplo. We improve our platform on a daily basis, prepare educational materials and organize events that will help you learn, grow, expand, and create a more successful brand. We want to update you about our educational activities. The consent for receiving this information is voluntary. If you do not agree to receive updates from us, we will still continue to provide you with our services as best we can.

Your data is processed so that we can also get in contact with you in order to test features of our three products: Shoplo Store, Shoplo Multichannel and Shoplo Chat, as well as other additional features that we are developing. In this case, processing your data is legitimate by our business interest - we need to be able to contact our Customers and take actions that will help us improve our platform and services for said Customers.

As for the personal data of your Customers, you need to acknowledge that you are their only administrator. If you have doubts that your business and your customer base is lawful, it is your obligation to inform us about it or have an appropriate audit commissioned by specialists. In order to be able to provide our services, you entrust us with the data of your Customers (End Users) to the extent and purpose specified in the contract for entrusting the processing of personal data, which we defined above.


Your data is necessary so we can provide you with our service. Therefore we process data which enables us to contact you, as well as data regarding payments. We use that data within the platform created by us. Of course, we are not fully self-sufficient, therefore, in a limited scope, we also pass your data to our partners - only trusted ones - who help us provide top-notch services, such as a server provider (cloud computing service) or an entity that supports payments. Shoplo does not pass the data of its Clients or End Clients to data brokers.

If you use our platform or visit our page, your activity will be monitored and analyzed by us. We want to know more to be able to adjust our services for you. We track which Shoplo features you use and to what extent you use them. This helps us design new features and improve the existing ones. This automatic processing of personal data is profiling. However, we do not make any binding decisions on its basis that could affect your rights.


Unfortunately, at present we are not able to provide all required services single-handedly. That is why we use external service providers. Your data is shared with the following categories of subjects:

  1. Accountants who help us with our bookkeeping operations
  2. Payment processing systems which make our payments secure
  3. Communications systems that allow us to contact you
  4. Hosting service providers

Please be advised that we are legally bound to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and courts. If they request that we share your data with them, we will do so.


Remember that:

  • You have the right to ask for access to your personal data;
  • You have the right to correct your personal data and remove it. Removal of data that is vital to providing service equates to the removal of the account from the Service;
  • You have the right to object to your data processing and request that it is limited;
  • You have the right to file a complaint to the Director of the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data


For as long as you use our services, we store and process your data. After removing your Shoplo account, any activities associated with your data processing are related to its storage over the amount of time respective to expiry of claims. We aim to make sure that your rights are respected.


We keep changing for the better for you. In the future, we may find an even better way of protecting your data and therefore we will update our Privacy Policy. We will notify you in advance.


In case you have any questions we will be happy to help. Contact us at [email protected]

Shoplo sp. z o.o., located in Warsaw, Poland (00-189), Inflancka 4C, registered in, The Register of Entrepreneurs (KRS) at 417586, with the business tax ID number (NIP) 5213630420.


In order to constantly improve our service we gather additional information about you, as well as your personal data. Cookies provide us with statistical data about user traffic and user activities on our websites. You may reject cookies at any time in your web browser, but it may cause issues using our Service.

We do not gather personalized data about you and we do not store such information, the sole purpose being that we present you with personalized content.

Using all functionalities of the Service requires placing the so-called “Third Party Cookies” of the Shoplo Service in the online store of a User. This solution is delivered together with the full integration of the Service of an online store.


Cookies are stored in the clipboard of your web browser’s cache memory. This means that it is up to you to decide whether website owners will know which parts of the service you are using. Cookies allow website owners to show you content that might be more attractive to you on the basis of your previous actions online. In order to view non-personalized content that would be shown to a first-time website user, you need to remove and disable cookies in your web browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and others) in your phone or personal computer user account. Data gathered using cookies may also be used for sales-related reasons and may be used by advertising system publishers (e.g. Adchoice by Google) to adjust the presented advertisement. You can turn cookies off for a specific website or for all connections from your web browser at any time.

Instructions on disabling cookies in specific browsers:

  1. In Mozilla Firefox Click the menu button and choose Preferences. Select the Privacy & Security panel and go to the History section. In the drop-down menu next to Firefox will, choose Use custom settings for history. Check-mark Accept cookies from websites to enable cookies, and uncheck it to disable them.
  2. In Microsoft Internet Explorer Select the Tools button, and then select Internet options. Select the Privacy tab, and under Settings, select Advanced and choose if you want to allow, block or be prompted for first and third party cookies.
  3. In Google Chrome, at the top right, click More and go to Settings. At the bottom, click Advanced. Under "Privacy and security," click Content settings. Click Cookies. From here, you can: Turn on cookies: Next to "Blocked," turn on the switch. Turn off cookies: Turn off Allow sites to save and read cookie data
  4. In Opera, Opera > Quick Preferences and uncheck "Enable Cookies".
  5. In Safari, Choose Safari > Preferences, click Privacy, then do any of the following: Change which cookies and website data are accepted by selecting one of “Cookies and website data” options.
  6. On mobile phones, tablets and other devices: Each model of a device might support this function in a different way, therefore we recommend checking the privacy settings on your device’s manufacturer’s website.