Shoplo has all the features you need to run a successful e-commerce business.
Inventory Management
  • Easy and fast product listing

  • Product page with a photo gallery (drag-and-drop) and tags

  • Picking the order of product photos

  • Adding product variants (color, size, etc.) with different prices, parameters, availability

  • Easy inventory management

  • Email alerts about low levels of inventory

  • Product grouping into collections

  • Product grouping by producers and brands

  • Bulk edit products in multiple groups

  • Digital products friendly e.g.: audio files, ebooks

  • Product duplication

  • Easy to organize product categories (drag-and-drop mechanism)

  • Sort products by price, date, or manually

  • Easy product import

  • Easy multichannel inventory management

  • One single centralized inventory for all sales channels

  • Real-time inventory sync

  • Real-time product listing and edits

  • Fast product exports

  • Product feed management

  • Fast feed generator

  • Real-time feed updates

  • Automatic alerts about new orders

  • Easily search for submitted orders

  • Order payment status monitoring

  • Automatic payment status update

  • Send orders straight to third-party delivery apps

  • Create notes for each order

  • Order history preview

  • Simple invoice creation

  • Send invoices automatically to customers via email

  • Set order statuses, e.g. Packed, Sent, etc.

  • Automatic update customers of their order status via email

  • Thank you message with the order summary via email

  • Order cancellation with automatic return of product to storage

  • Information about conversion source (you know where your customers come from)

  • Customer profile created based on shopping history

  • Order linking in customer profile

  • Handy CRM system with customer filtering

  • Customer order preview

  • Customer grouping based on filters, e.g.: number of orders, etc.

  • Newsletter subscribers collected automatically

  • Add notes to customer profile

  • Customer history preview

  • Granting discounts to particular customers

  • Most common payment method preview for each customer

  • Create discount codes (numerical, percentage, or free delivery discounts) and make them valid for particular products or whole collections

  • Create time-based numerical or percentage promotions

  • Integration with email marketing platforms

  • Sell products in many currencies to customers from all over the world

  • An automatic currency converter (according to NBP exchange rate)

  • Sell products on additional sales channels: Etsy, Amazon, eBay, DaWanda, Showroom, Shopify, WooCommerce

  • Easy Facebook Store setup

  • Setting up with wholesalers and bookkeeping platforms

  • Easy banner and photo uploading interface

Mobile commerce
  • Responsive Design for every Shoplo Store

  • All store features available on mobile devices

  • All web pages are mobile-friendly

  • Dostęp do darmowych i płatnych szablonów graficznych

  • Przełączanie wyglądu sklepu jednym kliknięciem

  • Możliwość zaawansowanych edycji HTML/CSS/JS z poziomu panelu i/lub edytora szablonu

  • Zarządzanie linkami nawigacji i stopką

  • Zarządzanie banerami i innymi elementami graficznymi

  • Możliwość stworzenia własnego szablonu graficznego bez wiedzy technicznej

  • Swobodne ustawianie rozmiarów, kolorów czcionek i linków oraz kolorów i kształtów przycisków [Tylko w Storefront]

  • Dostosowanie wyglądu sklepu do różnych wersji językowych [Tylko w Storefront]

  • Edycja nagłówka i dodanie paska informacyjnego z poziomu edytora graficznego [Tylko w Storefront]

  • W pełni elastyczne zarządzanie wyglądem sklepu za pomocą ponad 90 modułów [Tylko w Storefront]

  • Store information architecture prepared by SEO specialists

  • Full access to the website code and editing options

  • Meta tag editing for: categories, products, home page, etc.

  • Automatic robots.txt file creation

  • ALT tag editing

  • SEO analysis plug-in

  • URL address edition

  • Automatic sitemap.xml creation

  • Create a sitemap with photos and graphics automatically

  • App installation with one click

  • Unlimited number of apps to install

  • Create your own applications with Shoplo API

  • Full API documentation

  • Easy access to installed apps in the Shoplo panel

  • Compilation of apps that help with growing e-commerce store

  • Creating websites with text and graphics from the panel

  • Easy product photo adding

  • Easy text formatting with a WYSWIG editor

  • Use Google Maps, videos and photos

  • Customize the regional settings of your store

  • Set language preferences with automatic translation

  • Set currencies in your store

  • Set tax rates

  • Set payment methods

  • Hide products when not available

  • Sell products when not available

  • Domain settings and domain managing

  • Setting email alerts

  • Adding admin accounts with access rights

  • Setting products delivery options

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