Convert your followers into customers easily via our Instagram app and sell effortlessly on social media from now on.

Sell on Instagram…finally! Convert your Instagram followers and millions more into your customers.

With this app, you can finally use Instagram to sell your products. Promote your Instagram content in your online store to increase engagement, build customer rapport and generate sales. Pin your products to your Instagram photos and link them directly to a product purchase page.

How does it work?

  1. Our special widget allows you to present Instagram content in your store. You decide whether you want to display photos from specific accounts (like your brand account) or images marked with a specific hashtag.
  2. You pin products to every image and link directly to the corresponding product page in your store. This means customers see listings next to the image and can make a purchase immediately, just clicking on the product they like.
  3. Your customised Instagram content builds trust with your followers. They can easily buy products they love. No need to drag a customer away from your content or a product they want.

The widget can be fully customised so that it fits your website perfectly. You can change its colours, size, the way images display or even they way they are scrolled!

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