Meazy - Increase revenue of your internet store

• Increase sales for your internet stores with smart remarketing strategies by Meazy, no PhD in advertising needed

Meazy is an automated remarketing system built solely for online retailers.

With Meazy you can increase sales by using world-class remarketing technologies, no PhD in advertising needed

  • Use best-performing remarketing strategies, developed by Meazy specially for your store
  • Start reaching your visitors with highly-personalized banner ads, created automatically
  • Build engaging communication with your visitors, focusing on additional orders and revenues

Blasting fast.

It takes only 15 seconds for you to launch the very first remarketing advertising strategy to return visitors back to your store and bring you more sales.

Remarketing strategies on auto-pilot.

Based on visitor's behavior data, Meazy is constantly offering you new ways to interact with your customers. Abandoned cart or new arrivals – with Meazy you're always on top of your customer's needs. We're constantly collecting and analyzing millions of data-points to make sure your clients will see only relevant ads in right place and right time, everything to help them buy.

We will take care of your banners

Using best-in-class technology, Meazy creates beautiful yet effective banners. No more worries about where to find good designer or Photoshop video tutorials: Meazy will automatically create ads to promote your goods and products, based on customer's needs. Each user will see a unique and highly relevant picture of the product he thought of buying. Additionally, we will add descriptions, specifications or reviews, so your customers are confident that they're making right decision.

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